Prevent accidental purchases on iOS and Android

IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android stand out, among other things, because they allow you to download hundreds of applications to complete a myriad of different tasks. This ease of use is appreciated if you like to download and try applications often, but can become a serious problem if you end up buying apps accidentally. To avoid accidental purchases on Google Play or the App Store, we share some practical tips with you.

Downloading a new application on iOS and Android is very easy. Enter the official store, search the application or walk through the categories, click on “Download” (iOS) or “Install” (Android) and in a moment the application or game will be downloaded and it will be available for you. However, to avoid buying apps with this facility, we must limit access to the store by password.

Restrict purchases on iOS
Although to buy applications and games on iOS you need an account, once you have written the password to install an app, the others can be downloaded or purchased without the need to write such a key. This can be dangerous if you leave your phone to someone else or your children , and they start to tinker inside the App Store.

To avoid this, we will create an additional key essential in each purchase and that you can disable when you have your precious iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in your hands.

Go to Settings> General> Restrictions.
Click on “Activate restrictions”.
Write a four-digit code that will help you avoid accidental purchases.
In the “Restrictions” menu you have several options: You can block the installation of any application by clicking on “Install applications”, change “Request password” from 15 minutes to “Immediately” or also deactivate “Integrated purchases” that blocks purchases, normally of games, which are made within the game itself.
At any time you can deactivate the Restrictions following the same process and with the four-digit password that you previously activated.
Restrict purchases on Android
In the case of Android, the process is similar. We will use a numeric key to avoid purchases by accident.

Open Google Play and go to “Settings.”
Under “User Controls,” check the “Use password to restrict purchases” box.
Google Play will ask for your password every time you try to buy an application or game.
With these two tricks you can avoid accidental purchases in Google Play and the App Store, which will avoid disappointments in the bill at the end of the month if you lend your iOS or Android device to friends, family or the youngest of the house

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How to prevent accidental purchases on iOS and Android

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