The fashion industry is one of the most polluted worldwide, it promotes mass consumption through new seasons and constantly changing trends. Therefore, many think that you can not be fashionista and sustainable at the same time, but today there are many alternatives to care for the environment without losing style. We leave you eight recommendations that will help you to have a wardrobe more ecofriendly. For more info click here

How to have a more sustainable closet

Cómo tener un clóset más sustentable - Moda sustentable PORTADA

1. Investigate the origin of your garments
Before buying a garment, be sure to investigate where it comes from, as well as its elaboration process. It is important to know from the materials and the methods used to extract them and transform them to the effects that each product has on the environment when it is discarded.

2. Less is more
Try to get the most out of the clothes you already have and buy only the essentials. Many fashion industry professionals argue that you do not need to have more than 30 garments in your closet to dress well, so when buying a new garment, you can adopt the habit of replacing something in your wardrobe with it.

How to have a more sustainable closet – moda-sustentable-fondo-de-armario

3. Create a wardrobe background
The basics are the key to a versatile wardrobe. To be able to make many combinations with your clothes, the ideal is to create your own wardrobe background; that is, a collection of clothes that you like and you can use season after season. Some essential items for a good wardrobe background are: jeans, t-shirts in neutral colors, tennis, a blazer and a little black dress.

4. Local purchase
When buying products made in Mexico, you not only support the national designers, but all the people involved in the production and supply chain. In addition, you help reduce the environmental impact caused by garments and accessories by reducing transportation distances.

How to have a more sustainable closet

5. Bet on the vintage
Not everything you buy has to be totally new; Take advantage of vintage is fashionable and choose to give a new life to classic and pre-owned garments. In addition, you will save a significant percentage of the original price of each garment.

6. Think about the durability of the product
The quality of the products is extremely important for an ecofriendly closet. Think about it, if the garment has greater durability, that means it will be many years before you have to replace it. It’s that easy!

7. Opt for ecological materials
Today, there is a wide variety of organic textiles such as organic cotton, bamboo fiber, linen and tencel. In addition, surely many of your favorite brands have one or several sustainable collections, such as Stella McCartney, ASOS, H & M, Toms and New Balance. There are also brands committed 100% to the environment and against the current fast fashion as Everlane, People Tree and Tales of Thread.

8. Repair, give away or resell
When the clothes you do not like or do not fit, before throwing it away, think if there is someone to whom you can give it away. You can also choose to sell those items that are in good condition in vintage stores or through applications and websites such as Troquer and Trendier. If your garment is torn or unstitched, remember that you can repair it or even renew it by following a DIY tutorial.

The beauty industry surprises us all the time with new products and innovative technology. The most recognized brands are reinvented constantly to always offer the best for the care of our skin and the trend is focused on the sustainable. For that reason, here we leave you a list with five ecofriendly beauty brands that you will not regret knowing.

How to have a more sustainable closet

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