Norway sets a new sales record for electric cars

Almost one third of the total car sales in Norway in 2018 were 100% electric vehicles.

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Norway sets a new sales record for electric cars according to this website
In 2018 , almost one third of the total of just under 148,000 new cars sold in Norway were fully electric . With this, the Nordic country has set a new world record that is aimed at the goal of the Norwegian parliament that all new cars are carbon-free by 2025 .

As a way of encouraging the use of electric vehicles to reduce air pollution, the Norwegian Government exempts this type of vehicle from most taxes . To accelerate the change of diesel and gasoline engines, it also offers other benefits such as free parking and charging points.

This Wednesday, the Norwegian Road Federation (NRF) has announced that electric cars increased to 31.2% of all sales last year of 20.8% in 2017 and only 5.5% in 2013. “It was a small step closer to the target of 2025,” Oeyvind Solberg Thorsen, head of the NRF, told a conference, according to the source.

According to data from the NRF, the sale of new cars in the country fell by 6.8% in 2018 to 147,929 vehicles. The sale of 100% electric cars increased 40% to 46,092, while the sale of diesel models decreased to 28% , from gasoline cars to 17% and from hybrids that can not be connected to 20%. The best selling electric model was the Nissan Leaf . Also, the Norwegians opted for small BMWs, Volkswagens, full-size sedans and Tesla’s electric sports cars.

In contrast, the sale of electric cars in Iceland was 12% , in Sweden 6% , in China 2.2% in 2017 and in the United States 1.2% , according to data from the International Energy Agency (IEA, by its acronym in English).

Opinions divided on the goal of 2025
The record figure consolidates Norway’s global leadership as the country with sales of electric cars per capita in its effort to transform itself from being the largest producer of oil and gas in Western Europe to a greener economy. However, opinions are divided on whether the 2025 goal can be achieved .

Erik Andresen, head of the federation of auto importers in Norway, said the boom in electric cars is hampering the nation’s tax revenue , raising questions about how to raise cash from the 5.3 million people in the future.

The Norwegian consultancy Institute of Transport Economics (ITE) doubts that the goal is achieved . Economist Lasse Fridstroem of the ITE believes that it will not be possible “mainly because many people do not have a private parking space and will not want to buy a car that is plugged in if they can not establish a charging point at home.” He believes that a 75% market share can be achieved if the tax benefits are maintained.

For its part, the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association (NEVA, for its acronym in English) is feasible to achieve a market share of 100%. “We know that access to cargo is a real barrier (…) and there is also the risk that there are not enough cars available,” said Christina Bu, director of NEVA, according to Reuters . He also added that many people must wait a year or more for their electric car to be delivered to them.

How to have a more sustainable closet

The fashion industry is one of the most polluted worldwide, it promotes mass consumption through new seasons and constantly changing trends. Therefore, many think that you can not be fashionista and sustainable at the same time, but today there are many alternatives to care for the environment without losing style. We leave you eight recommendations that will help you to have a wardrobe more ecofriendly. For more info click here

How to have a more sustainable closet

Cómo tener un clóset más sustentable - Moda sustentable PORTADA

1. Investigate the origin of your garments
Before buying a garment, be sure to investigate where it comes from, as well as its elaboration process. It is important to know from the materials and the methods used to extract them and transform them to the effects that each product has on the environment when it is discarded.

2. Less is more
Try to get the most out of the clothes you already have and buy only the essentials. Many fashion industry professionals argue that you do not need to have more than 30 garments in your closet to dress well, so when buying a new garment, you can adopt the habit of replacing something in your wardrobe with it.

How to have a more sustainable closet – moda-sustentable-fondo-de-armario

3. Create a wardrobe background
The basics are the key to a versatile wardrobe. To be able to make many combinations with your clothes, the ideal is to create your own wardrobe background; that is, a collection of clothes that you like and you can use season after season. Some essential items for a good wardrobe background are: jeans, t-shirts in neutral colors, tennis, a blazer and a little black dress.

4. Local purchase
When buying products made in Mexico, you not only support the national designers, but all the people involved in the production and supply chain. In addition, you help reduce the environmental impact caused by garments and accessories by reducing transportation distances.

How to have a more sustainable closet

5. Bet on the vintage
Not everything you buy has to be totally new; Take advantage of vintage is fashionable and choose to give a new life to classic and pre-owned garments. In addition, you will save a significant percentage of the original price of each garment.

6. Think about the durability of the product
The quality of the products is extremely important for an ecofriendly closet. Think about it, if the garment has greater durability, that means it will be many years before you have to replace it. It’s that easy!

7. Opt for ecological materials
Today, there is a wide variety of organic textiles such as organic cotton, bamboo fiber, linen and tencel. In addition, surely many of your favorite brands have one or several sustainable collections, such as Stella McCartney, ASOS, H & M, Toms and New Balance. There are also brands committed 100% to the environment and against the current fast fashion as Everlane, People Tree and Tales of Thread.

8. Repair, give away or resell
When the clothes you do not like or do not fit, before throwing it away, think if there is someone to whom you can give it away. You can also choose to sell those items that are in good condition in vintage stores or through applications and websites such as Troquer and Trendier. If your garment is torn or unstitched, remember that you can repair it or even renew it by following a DIY tutorial.

The beauty industry surprises us all the time with new products and innovative technology. The most recognized brands are reinvented constantly to always offer the best for the care of our skin and the trend is focused on the sustainable. For that reason, here we leave you a list with five ecofriendly beauty brands that you will not regret knowing.

How to prevent accidental purchases on iOS and Android

Prevent accidental purchases on iOS and Android

IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android stand out, among other things, because they allow you to download hundreds of applications to complete a myriad of different tasks. This ease of use is appreciated if you like to download and try applications often, but can become a serious problem if you end up buying apps accidentally. To avoid accidental purchases on Google Play or the App Store, we share some practical tips with you.

Downloading a new application on iOS and Android is very easy. Enter the official store, search the application or walk through the categories, click on “Download” (iOS) or “Install” (Android) and in a moment the application or game will be downloaded and it will be available for you. However, to avoid buying apps with this facility, we must limit access to the store by password.

Restrict purchases on iOS
Although to buy applications and games on iOS you need an account, once you have written the password to install an app, the others can be downloaded or purchased without the need to write such a key. This can be dangerous if you leave your phone to someone else or your children , and they start to tinker inside the App Store.

To avoid this, we will create an additional key essential in each purchase and that you can disable when you have your precious iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in your hands.

Go to Settings> General> Restrictions.
Click on “Activate restrictions”.
Write a four-digit code that will help you avoid accidental purchases.
In the “Restrictions” menu you have several options: You can block the installation of any application by clicking on “Install applications”, change “Request password” from 15 minutes to “Immediately” or also deactivate “Integrated purchases” that blocks purchases, normally of games, which are made within the game itself.
At any time you can deactivate the Restrictions following the same process and with the four-digit password that you previously activated.
Restrict purchases on Android
In the case of Android, the process is similar. We will use a numeric key to avoid purchases by accident.

Open Google Play and go to “Settings.”
Under “User Controls,” check the “Use password to restrict purchases” box.
Google Play will ask for your password every time you try to buy an application or game.
With these two tricks you can avoid accidental purchases in Google Play and the App Store, which will avoid disappointments in the bill at the end of the month if you lend your iOS or Android device to friends, family or the youngest of the house

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The right way to Spot a Faux Coach Bag

This information to assist all of you younger women which can be looking for nice offers on Coach luggage at storage gross sales, eBay, and the like. I simply wish to be sure you don’t get ripped off by someone telling you its an actual Coach Bag, as a result of it has occurred to me. I’ve a bunch of suggestions that will probably be actually useful.

1) The best approach to inform if a Coach bag is, to take a look at the symmetry of the print on the bag. Any genuine Coach bag can have a superbly symmetrical print on either side of the bag, proper down the center. What I see on some faux luggage is that many occasions the print is off heart, or for those who have a look at the stitching be sure the print is completely symmetrical over the stitching. One other mistake is that generally they are going to have a single row of “C”s after which they are going to be flipped, however on all signature Coach luggage, even the op-art design there’ll at all times be two rows of “C”s after which two rows of “C”s, even down the aspect. The rationale it’s symmetrical is that an genuine Coach bag is constructed from one piece of leather-based wrapped round, whereas knockoffs put collectively luggage from no matter items they’ll discover to save cash.

2) One other factor is just too check out the within, and have a look at the liner. If the bag is a signature bag and it has the “C” print on the surface, there’ll by no means ever be a “C” brand on the within of an genuine bag. But when your bag is a plain bag with no “C” print then it might have one on the within, however by no means each on the inside and outside. That is true for all sizes of baggage, even their wallets. It might simply have stripes of colours on the within.

three) The subsequent factor you wish to examine for in case you are undecided in regards to the authenticity of a bag is the stitching. Knockoffs are made very swiftly and cheaply, they don’t pay a lot consideration to the stitching and it’s often fairly “crappy”. On a faux Coach the stitching could also be uneven, not completely strait, thicker in some areas, or perhaps even crooked. On an actual Coach the stitching will probably be completely even, at all times flawless, even on the buckles. This can be a good giveaway for many luggage as a result of knockoffs do not pay a lot consideration to sewing element.

four) The subsequent factor to examine is the Creed on the within, it’s the leather-based piece on many of the bigger luggage which says it is a Coach bag. Genuine Coach luggage that has a creed ought to have a serial quantity beneath the creed, on most fakes there’s a creed however no serial quantity beneath. Additionally take a look at the fabric, it ought to be flat, prime quality leather-based. On many fakes ones it’s puffy like it’s stamped. And do not get frightened if there isn’t any creed in your bag, lots of the smaller luggage have no creed in any respect.

5)The subsequent factor is the zipper. Coach zippers are the very best high quality zippers, they need to final you a lifetime. That’s the reason we pay a lot for these luggage, as a result of it’s one thing that may maintain for the remainder of our lives. So simply strive the zipper, it ought to be getting caught or caught, and will zip very easily.

6) The subsequent phase is , and that’s any steel on a bag. On an genuine Coach bag, the steel is both nickel or brass and will have a weight to it. So in case you are testing the bag in particular person, really feel the steel, does it really feel like actual steel, or simply metal-coated plastic. It shouldn’t be actually shinny plastic trying. Additionally on eBay I at all times see the steel wrapped in plastic, many different manufacturers do that on their luggage to maintain it scratch free till you carry it house, however an actual Coach bag won’t ever have the steel hooks and wrapped in plastic.

7) Additionally one other little factor is to examine the buckle connecting any steel rings or . It ought to be a great match and never very unfastened. A whole lot of occasions I see on faux luggage that there’s a large loop across the wring.

eight) One other factor is to take a look at the tags. They now make steel tags so it might are available leather-based or steel now. In addition they are available new shiny tags so that can not be used anymore as a way to inform if its faux. However it’s best to see the stitching on the tags and ensure its flawless. On a number of faux tags the Coach brand may be crooked or the stitching will probably be bizarre.

9) The subsequent factor is to examine the mud bag, it ought to really feel like very prime quality satin. If you cannot see it in particular person, then have a look at the colours. It’s nearly at all times brown, and can at all times have both a white/cream coloured string or a crimson string. The bag can also be one other colour however very not often so don’t be concerned if its not brown, however be sure to take a look at the string. The bag will even have the established date on the bag.

10) The very last thing that could be a useless giveaway for a knockoff bag is the standard of the leather-based. A faux bag won’t be actual leather-based as a result of that’s approach to costly, it is going to most likely be pleather. So be sure it’s thick and never flimsy. Coach luggage are made to final you a life time so it ought to be some critical heavy responsibility leather-based, strive tugging on it, it shouldn’t be one thing that seems like it will break after 5 years.

Effectively these are my suggestions and I hope they aid you to by no means get ripped off once more. I often discover nice offers on eBay and with lots of the Coach coupons and offers occurring on the retailer. You possibly can take a look at my website under which has a bunch of extra shopping for suggestions and Coach coupons and offers.